Officer Nomination

The Officers’ Nominating Committee would like the congregation to be aware of the main areas of thought and consideration used by the committee in constructing a list of officer candidates. Hopefully, this will be helpful for potential candidates and those wishing to submit the name of a potential candidate.

Church involvement
  • regular attendance at public worship
  • active participation in other church activities
  • office held and services rendered
  • evidence of commitment to the church and its mission
  • understanding of and commitment to Presbyterian polity


Christian living
  • evidence of grace and compassion in common life
  • evidence of maturity and effectiveness of ministry in the world


Personal qualifications
  • cooperativeness
  • willingness to learn
  • ability to follow through on assignments
  • openness to new ideas
  • maturity of judgment
  • feels free to express their own ideas
  • readiness to listen



2023 Members of the Officers’ Nominating Committee:

Robert Sams, Chair                              Gregg Branham, Vice Chair

Mary Crittendon                                   Brian Garrison

Joanna Griese                                       Anica Owen

Melissa Wilbanks, Deacon